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In a world of bizarre reality television and incomprehensible challenges, Crystal D. Life has recognized that the only way to help youth win is by being the change she needs to see.

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Passionate About Inspiring Others


With an expertise in female motivation and over 30 years of Federal service at the helm  of  her  dedication,  Crystal’s  discovery  for helping youth, particularly young girls, was initiated during her stay in Naples, Italy.  Her vision to be a voice of hope and possibility for youth came to life through her non-profit, “It’s A Girl Thing”.


Motivated by her own life experiences, she founded a non-profit in November 2015, “It’s A Girl Thing”.  An organization that gathers, equips, and encourages young girls to dream big and live out their purpose. The group’s intention is to serve the youth community by affirming them that they can do extraordinary things through the power of love and sisterhood. This group also ensures that young women are motivated towards self- acceptance by cultivating social, emotional and intellectual experiences.

Crystal’s focus has always been to wake up every morning with the determination to make an impact on her family, community and youth by unlocking everyone's superhero abilities. One of Crystal’s favorite quotes is “Be the person you wanted when you were a kid.” By following her passion and walking into her destiny, she is able to be that and more.


As a youth empowerment coach, some of Crystal's expert areas include:

  • Teaching youth about self esteem/self confidence

  • Developing time management and goal setting skills

  • Equipping youth with tools to ensure they are college ready

Past Speaking Clients: 

Awards & Honors

  • Domestic Violence Speaker : Pretty Heels Fundraiser event Jacksonville, FL

  • Walking in the New, Woman Empowerment Meeting - Tampa, Florida

  • A Breakthrough to a New You, Woman Empowerment Conference - Jacksonville, FL

  • Panelist on Bridge to Success Girls Symposium - Jacksonville, FL

  • Vision Board Workshop with Youth Crisis center in Jacksonville, FL & Harlem Children's Zone in New York

  • Monthly speaker/facilitator with It's A Girl Thing, non-profit, Jacksonville, Fl

  • Bob Haynes Award 2021, Best Society Winner 2 years

  • You Sparkle Award, November 2019

  • Best Non-profit Award, 2018 and 2019

  • Bob Haynes Invitational 2021


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