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10 Time Management Tips for Teens

Have you ever said or heard someone say, “There just isn’t enough time in the day” or “I need a clone”? In reality what is missing is good time management skills. The same is missing for most teenagers, it's no different. They have a wide range of activities that must be accomplished in a day from school projects/homework, extracurricular activities (sports/clubs), social life and some even have jobs and they have no idea how to manage it all.

There are good reasons for teens to use time wisely. If teenagers spent less than 6 hours a day watching TV, they would save 160 hours a year. That's 40 days' worth of time. Teenagers could spend that extra time studying, playing sports, reading, or working.

Time management is one of the most important topics to master as a teenager. Getting things done within deadlines helps you complete your homework, studies, prepare for exams, projects, presentations etc. efficiently even when you have lots of other activities outside school or college to manage at the same time like meetings, social gatherings, outdoor game or work project job that need your attention too.

Here are some tips to assist with creating time management as a part of your daily life for your teen:

1. Use a planner

2. Set time for each task

3. Review your planner daily

4. Always start with a plan

5. List important tasks for the day

6. Get started every day 'on the good foot'

7. Make a realistic schedule that works for you

8. Estimate the time of each task.

9. Remain flexible!

10. Avoid multitasking!

Be sure to split up your time into blocks to stay on track with assignment, studying, chores, work and play. Remember no one can stay awake 24 hours. You can manage your time and still get what you want accomplished!

Time is the most valuable asset you will ever have, that's why you must value it.

If your teenager needs help with time management, schedule your FREE discovery call today discuss the options we have.

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Crystal D. Life, Youth Empowerment Coach, founder of It’s A Girl Thing, Inc., published author, Motivational Speaker and Youth Advocate

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