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College Prep Blueprint

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Service Description

A 4-week program to help high school students get prepared for college, navigate through the college admissions process with ease, and take charge of their academic future without stress and overwhelm. Here’s what we’ll do with the student: A strategic college search to help the student find the best colleges for her unique strengths and abilities. Proven academic preparation resources for the SAT/ACT exams to help the student get well prepared for exam day. Customized scholarship search to help the student identify financial opportunities to ease the burden of college tuition, books and supplies. A personalized action plan for the student to get involved in extracurricular activities that make the student’s admissions application more attractive to colleges. Admissions application assistance and support to help the student complete the college applications with excellence. Financial aid application assistance and support to help the student understand application criteria and successfully submit the FAFSA. Set goals to finish the school year strong and identify any needed academic support services.

Contact Details

Jacksonville, FL, USA

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